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the419 Lens on downtown Lima mural: Lee and Sue Like

Lee and Sue Like

Interview with Sue Like and daughter Kim Devitt

Story by Janet Ferguson

Lee and Sue Like met on a blind date in the mid 1950’s.

“I had just graduated from high school,” Sue explained. “It was not love at first sight but it was ‘like’.”

They began dating and 4 years later were married on June 11, 1957 and moved to Lima. “We came because of St. Rita’s Hospital and it was close to both of our hometowns.”

Lee graduated from Holgate High School, the University of Dayton and Ohio State University, College of Medicine. Sue earned a degree in Nursing from the College of St. Mary of the Springs. “I had my nursing degree when we moved to town and I taught medical surgical nursing at St. Rita’s and was involved with Allen County Medical Auxiliary.”

Sue was also a member of the Lima Junior Service League in Lima and a Board Member of the Ohio society to Prevent Blindness as well as a member of the Shawnee Township Zoning Commission.

Lee was a team physician for Shawnee High School Football. “He got involved with his good friend Dr. Jim Baker. My husband joined him while our kids were in high school and did it for several years,” Sue remembered.

Lee was also a member of the Lima/Allen County Academy of Medicine and BPO Elks #54.

“He enjoyed music and he played the piano and the clarinet. He also sang in the Philharmonic Choral down in Naples, Florida once he retired. That’s when he was able to get into woodworking, carpentry. He enjoyed a lot of things and he couldn’t do any of it until he retired,” she explained.

Lee and Sue had four daughters, Kim Devitt, Lisa Stokely, Ann Natker and Sarah Woods, “They were all daddy’s girls. My husband loved us all; even our dog was a girl!”

The Likes were very family-oriented and a community minded couple. Submitted photo.

Submitted photo.


Submitted photo.

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A day that sticks out in Sue’s memory is from 1999, “The day he received his kidney transplant, that was a wonderful day and we were all there to enjoy that.”

Lee and Sue did a fair amount of traveling, taking several international trips to Europe, South America and the Panama Canal. “ We also took the whole family to Alaska twice,” she added.

Lee passed away on February 14, 2013, but Sue continues to travel today with a recent trip to Iceland and Greenland as part of her bucket list. “Everything I’ve heard about it is interesting with hot springs, volcanoes and mountains,” she explained.

The Likes were a community minded couple.

“Lima was a great town to raise a family in,” she said. Then laughingly corrected that statement, “We enjoyed rearing them. You rear a family; you raise pigs. But it was safe and secure and friendly. There was plenty to do in those days and the schools were good. We were involved in the community and had many friends.”

Daughter Kim Devitt remembers, “The mural was a great tribute to dad, it wasn’t something he was aware of. He was a general surgeon and practiced for 30 years and was well loved. He was just a super, super guy.”