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State Rep. Bob Cupp notes reduced rate loan program for livestock producers

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COLUMBUS—State Representative Bob Cupp (R-Lima) is calling attention to a new state agricultural linked deposit program created to assist livestock farmers in the Western Lake Erie Basin, which includes Allen County.

The program, Ag-LINK Northwestern Ohio Watersheds (“Ag-LINK N.O.W.”), provides reduced-rate financing for Ohio farms to help offset the cost of appropriately containing and handling livestock manure. The program was created in response to recent legislation that was passed regarding the toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie. Senate Bill 1, which prohibits the application of manure in the Western Lake Erie Basin on frozen ground, saturated soil, or under certain weather conditions, became effective in July of this year. The manure runoff that often results from its application in these conditions is believed to contribute to the toxic algae in Lake Erie and the surrounding watersheds.

Ag-LINK N.O.W. offers up to a 3 percent reduced interest rate on loans up to $500K. To assist small and medium-sized livestock operations, the program seeks to reduce the cost of designing and installing structures and equipment to properly store and utilize manure in compliance with the law.

”This reduced-rate loan program can provide helpful assistance to area livestock farmers in meeting the law’s requirements,” said Cupp.

Applications for the program can be submitted to the Ohio Treasurer’s office for consideration, and can be obtained on the Ohio Treasurer’s website (www.ohiotreasurer.gov/AgLinkNow), by emailing economicdevelopment@tos.ohio.gov, or by calling 800-228-1102.