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Nourishu food truck brings health on wheels

Janet Ferguson

7Thursday, June 17 was the launch of Nourishu’s new location in Lima at 531 N. Eastown Rd by the Vein Care Center. The company that sells nutritious meals out of a mobile kitchen started in July 2015 and has been busy serving customers at Miller’s Corral on Tuesdays in Wapakoneta, but has felt the pull to branch out to Lima.

“Many of our customers are from Lima, so adding Lima hours just makes sense. A dear friend of ours is good friends with the Vein Care Center Owner and she connected us,” stated Alisha Frost co-owner with Melissa Metz.

Frost shares that they began the company because “ I had a health diagnosis that changed my life and I knew that I needed to nourish my body with real food… and it was something to share.” The company goal is to provide blended, raw, fresh & nourishing food, to go.

droppedImage Frost explains, “In addition to our food truck business, we have partnered with other companies that provide ingredients and products we promote for a healthy non-toxic lifestyle. Nutrition is important, but products we put on our skin (our biggest organ) and use in our homes is equally important. We offer consultations and wellness workshops to teach people to be ingredient detectives and avoid chemicals/ endocrine disruptors.”

The sisters, Alisha and Melissa have clearly tapped into a desire in the area to make cleaner, healthier choices. Business was booming for lunch on Thursday and people were not put off by the line as they continued to come and wait for items made on the spot. The ladies had already provided a reasonably priced menu via their Facebook page to give customers an idea of what was going to be available for lunch.

2“We sold out of the oat almond bites and quinoa salad and had ONE hummus wrap left,” said Frost.

The mobile kitchen will continue to grow and advance orders the day before, are welcome “especially bulk/office orders, gives us a heads up so we serve more efficiently,” Frost explained.

While new locations are in the works, currently the food truck at the Wapakoneta location on Tuesdays from 11-5:30 and in Lima from 10-3. Pre-orders are encouraged and can be taken the day before nourishu.net/about_us.html where you can sign up for the weekly newsletter and Nourishu’s Facebook page is located at facebook.com/Nourishu