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Lima native publishes first book

Lima native Brian Williams publishes first book

“I wrote it to let people know to please listen and realize that you are not alone”

Available for purchase now: http://bit.ly/BuyBriansBook

Janet Ferguson

Brian Williams did not start out to write a book, but after posting a blog about an experience he had and realizing how many people shared it online, he started on a journey.

“The first blog started out about a relationship that did not go as I had planned. A girl I had dated came back into my life and things were going good and one night I asked God if this is not what you want then end it. I meant it with my whole heart and shortly after that it was done. The blog was about what I desired in a wife and I laid it all out there,” he said.

Williams grew up in Lima and was planning to move to Nashville after high school.

“It was something kind of instilled in high school when the students are talking. You have to move away and make something of yourself and I was ready to go,” he said.

“I told everyone I was going to leave and I knew where I was gonna stay and work in Nashville, everything was set. Nobody told me not to go, but no one wanted me to and I was set on going but that’s not what happened. It was as simple as being in church one day and God told me not to go,” he said.

“It was a real moment, just like I’m talking to you. I still could have left but I knew what He told me to do. I still have my moments of wondering what would have happened if I had gone, but then I think about what I would have missed if I had left.”

Williams doesn’t believe that everyone has the same path or that God tells everyone to do the same things.

“Life doesn’t go the same for everyone. Differences are a good thing and it’s hard to see that as a teenager or young adult and I wanted to be a help to people with my experiences. There were a lot of times as a teenager and young adult that I felt alone that no one knew what I was going through because people don’t typically talk about it and I don’t want people to feel alone.”

After graduating from Bath High School and changing his plans to move to Nashville, Williams attended the University of Northwestern Ohio.

“I ended up being there 6 ½ years. I originally went for IT. I wanted to go into marketing, but at the time, many people told me they didn’t see a future for someone with a marketing degree in Lima, Ohio,” he said.

Williams ended up graduating with a degree in IT and found himself at a crossroads.

“I made the decision quickly after graduating that I had to follow my passion –  so I went right back to get a degree in marketing rather than take a job in IT. I ended up with a job before I even graduated,” he said.

He believes now is the time for him to write the book and speak about his experiences.

“You can’t live what everyone else wants for you, you have to trust where God is taking you.”

“I felt this book was important to write now. I’m not married and don’t have children and I’m still in my twenties and close to age still with teenagers and younger adults. I wrote it to let people know to please listen and realize that many people have been there – and that you are not alone,” he said.

Williams believes God gives everyone a choice to do what they want and it’s up to us to listen.

“I chose to listen,” he said.

While writing the book and reflecting upon his experiences, he says he realized that God had a plan for him all along – and at the end, it was crystal clear.

“My message is this: if you keep trucking, keep walking, at the end you will actually see that God has a better plan for you then you do yourself. After I made it through the storm of teenage years, and the doubting all of it, there is contentment seeing that God had it all worked out.”

Safe Thus Far: My Testimony by Brian Williams
Safe Thus Far My Testimony

Available for purchase now: http://bit.ly/BuyBriansBook