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Lima Chamber video by Heartland Image Foundation celebrates community

Lima Chamber Of Commerce video celebrates the Lima/Allen County community accelerating its collaborative efforts

Story by Nick Kellis
Heartland Image Foundation

Every community in contemporary America, large or small, faces challenges in trying to integrate diverse interests, concerns and agendas and Lima/Allen County is no different.  Its Chamber of Commerce presents a new video celebrating community-wide collaboration in 2015, with the intent of accelerating and broadening that collaborative progress in 2016.

Showcased on the Lima/Allen County Chamber Facebook page, the “Community Collaboration In Lima/Allen County” video was commissioned by the Chamber and produced by the Lima-based Heartland Image Foundation.  The video premiered at the Chamber’s Annual Breakfast on January 28 and celebrates the success of November’s Makerfest job fair event at the Veteran’s Memorial Civic Center.

In the video, Chamber President/CEO Jed Metzger says “What is so unique about Lima Allen County, we do work together very well” and references how area businesses and schools, community and government leaders, Allen Economic Development, Ohio Means Jobs and the Chamber all worked together with Link Lima, to make an event like Makerfest 2015 an example of how future collaborative efforts can be successful and beneficial to the community.

“The Allen County/Lima team is cohesive.  Already cohesive.   More than any community I think I’ve ever seen,” Link Lima program director Doug Arthur, a Cincinnati native, says in the video.

In addition to Metzger and Arthur, the video features Allen Economic Development Group President/Ceo Jeff Sprague, Ohio Means Jobs development coordinator Joe Patton, Lima Community Church lead Pastor Doug Boquist, Lima Mayor David Berger and United Association Local 776 business manager Mike Knisley.

“The beauty about Makerfest is this is a community event … bringing (in) the young people from the high schools, the vocational schools,” Knisely says in the video. “To engage the young people.  Keep them in the area after they go to college with Rhodes, Ohio State or go to the trades, advanced manufacturing. Opportunities that’ll lead into a career path for them, into the future.”

In addition to their continuing collaboration with Allen Economic Development, Ohio Means Jobs, Link Lima leading up to this year’s next Makerfest event in October, the Chamber makes a priority Allen county’s over 900 small businesses, including an accelerated focus on supporting African American businesses in the community.

Says Metzger “We have a great asset in Lima/Allen County.  We want to celebrate that and make people aware of the job opportunities that are here, right in Lima/Allen County.”

Visit the Lima Chamber of Commerce Facebook to see the video and find out more about what the Chamber does for the region throughout the year.

Nick Kellis graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in print journalism, before producing over 100 hours of broadcast TV for national networks.  He is the president of the Lima-based Heartland Image Foundation, an IRS-determined Public Charity that specializes in media education and production of HD video content, promoting positive messages and community image-enhancement. Their mission is an on-going campaign to create professional, quality content for both the local population and regional, national and world-wide perception. Learn more at heartlandimage.org.