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Kasich on Trump attacks

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Kasich on Trump Attacks: “If I bankrupted Lehman brothers from a two-man office, I should have been selected Pope, not run for President”

Below is a partial transcript from Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Town Hall Meeting Friday at the Lima Pallet Company located at 1470 Neubrecht Road in Lima, Ohio. The full town hall event will air Friday evening at 8 p.m. on MSNBC.

Willie Geist: Just today, Governor, Donald Trump up with an ad airing in your home state here, hitting you on a couple of things.  He says you’re an absentee governor.  You’ve been out campaigning when you should be taking care of the state. He hit you on your time at Lehman Brothers, seven years you spent as an executive there. How do you respond to the ad?

John Kasich:  Well, first of all, you know, wallowing in the mud with Donald is not what I think is a successful strategy. But I will say one thing about Lehman Brothers.  I had a two man — I ran a two-man office in Columbus, Ohio.  And if I bankrupted Lehman Brothers from a two-man office, I should have been selected pope, not run for president. That’s like blaming a car dealer in Lima for the collapse of GM. Look, it’s all – it’s negative and it’s desperation.  But the people of this state, they know me and so I’m not – I’m not concerned about it.