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Holiday togetherness can be overwhelming

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With family bonding a cherished part of the season, it’s important to remember that too much togetherness can cause stress for both visitors and hosts.

During the holiday season, an estimated 57 percent of travelers plan to visit family or friends’ homes. As Benjamin Franklin’s famous phrase goes, “fish and visitors smell after three days.”

To help travelers love their families even after the holidays, national hotel chain Extended Stay America has 10 traveler tips for better holiday togetherness time, allowing families to create happy memories during the most wonderful time of year.

1. Get Out of the House

Plan a family outing like ice skating or attending a sporting event. A little fresh air is the perfect solution for the “cooped-up” feeling that comes with an extended visit.

2. Lend a Hand

Offer to help Uncle Chuck chop firewood or go to the grocery story with Grandma. Beyond being a nice gesture, spending quality time with a single relative fosters individual relationships and adds variety to the holiday routine.

3. Say Goodbye

Seventy percent of Americans have, at some point, wished they weren’t staying with friends and family during the “most wonderful time of the year.” Being able to say goodbye at the end of the night gives guests and hosts time to recharge, making togetherness more enjoyable. For out-of-towners, check into a local hotel for a restful retreat to maintain your family’s sanity from restless nights on the couch, or Uncle Eddy hogging the bathroom.

4. Entertain the Kids

While the in-laws catch up on family gossip, offer to take the kids to the park or start a snowball fight. Channeling your inner child is fun and allows you to sneak away and get some much- needed fresh air and exercise.

5. Have a Wholesome Breakfast

Overindulging on sweet treats make travelers feel sluggish and crabby.

6. Blow Off Steam

Go for a jog or work out at the hotel fitness center to ensure your endorphins are flowing when you face the family.

7. Save Money

It’s hard to relax when preoccupied with mounting travel expenses. Remain focused on your friends and family by setting a strict budget before holiday trips and diligently sticking to it.

8. Invite the Neighbors

The more the merrier! Spice up conversations by introducing new personalities into your family gatherings like neighbors, co-workers or friends.

9. Split Up

Designate different activities for the ladies and gentlemen. While the boys are off watching football, the girls can treat themselves to the spa or shopping. This gives couples a chance to fly solo, catching up with friends and family.

10. Give Back

Food banks and donation centers regularly require holiday help, volunteering as a group is a great way to make holiday memories, while supporting others.

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