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HeartChase kick off breakfast features recognition for Distinguished Achievement Award

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Randee Henson was presented with the Distinguished Achievement Award for her impact on the American Heart Association's newest event, HeartChase.

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SHAWNEE – the419 attended the HeartChase kick off breakfast Thursday at the Shawnee Country Club to hear about the popular event coming to downtown Lima Saturday, Sept. 17. The major sponsors this year are St. Rita’s and Tuttle Construction, Inc.

HeartChase LimaAttendees at the breakfast heard from from Paul Crow, CEO of Tuttle Services, Inc, who also serves as this year’s Lima HeartChase Executive Chair. Paul shared details about the community fundraising game and emphasized how small efforts equal big outcomes. He offered some pictures from past games and talked about his view of how HeartChase with employees having fun while engaging  team-building and leadership among your staff.

Amanda Mills, Senior HeartChase Director, American Heart Association, thanked the community for their past support and gave the audience an update on how  the American Heart Association is making a positive impact on our community in variety of ways.

Dr. Kato, a Cardiologist in the Heart Specialists of St. Rita’s gave an inspiring and  often fun view of how we should treat our heart as a friend and give it good nutrition and exercise. Turns out that Dr. Kato is not only a good story teller and cardiologist but speaks with passion about his profession.

The real surprise of the day came when Amanda surprised the audience with this special recognition award to a long time and much beloved volunteer, Randee Henson. Amanda read the following:

Randee Henson, Recognition for Distinguished Achievement Award

It is my honor and pleasure to recognize Randee Henson for the Distinguished Achievement Award for her impact on the AHA’s newest event, HeartChase.  Randee has significantly contributed to the success of the Lima HeartChase in her role as the sponsorship chair, not only impacting this community but all HeartChase communities across the country. 

Starting with the inaugural HeartChase event in Lima in 2013, Randee has played a huge role in engaging multiple companies to participate and support the AHA.  Her efforts helped lead Lima HeartChase to the largest first year HeartChase in the country, not only a huge win for the small rural community, but transformational for HeartChase across the nation.  Lima HeartChase helped show what can be done in our smaller communities with a few dedicated volunteers and a new engaging event aimed to build healthier lives.

Randee’s energy, passion for the cause, and get things done attitude have been contagious and hard for companies to turn down.  Seeing Randee in action/attending meetings with her has truly been a wonderful experience and it is easy to see why she is so successful.

Randee’s contributions to the AHA don’t stop there, as she has continued to be involved in the Lima HeartChase for the past three years.  She continues to secure new sponsors, increase current sponsors, and be a positive voice for us in the community.

Starting a new event in a community is no small task, but with the help of Randee, HeartChase has a great foundation and a very bright future.  We are so lucky to have a shining light like Randee Henson in our corner.  I can think of no one more deserving of this award.  Thank you Randee for making an impact!

Randee was surprised by the award and received a standing ovation. It was a great morning to witness this recognition. Cheers!  the419