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Elida kicks off Watch D.O.G.S. program with hot dog night

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WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) is an innovative father involvement, educational initiative of the National Center For Fathering. There are two primary goals of the WATCH D.O.G.S. program.ELIDA – Elida Elementary will kick-off the second year of the Watch D.O.G.S Program on Tuesday, September 20 at 6 p.m. in the Elida Elementary Cafeteria 300 Pioneer Road with a Dad’s and Kids Hot Dog Night.

WATCH D.O.G.S.®, or “Dads of Great Students” is a one-of-a-kind, school-based father involvement program from the National Center For Fathering that calls on dads and other special father figures to volunteer at the school for at least one day each year.

Inspired by one father’s desire to increase male involvement in his children’s school and with the help of the schools teachers and administration, WATCH D.O.G.S. was created in 1998 at George Elementary in Springdale, AR.

Since then, the program has spread to more than 5,148 registered schools in 47 states and other countries abroad.

It can be fathers, grandfathers, uncles and other father-figures.

Last year, 100 father figures participated in the Program at Elida Elementary.

Studies by the U.S. Department of Education have demonstrated that a positive adult male role model will have a uniquely positive impact on the development and educational success of a child. Dramatically increasing the child’s likelihood of graduating and getting mostly A’s along the way, while at the same time dramatically decreasing the likelihood of that child living in poverty, getting involved with drugs and alcohol, and avoiding potentially devastating choices that result in a criminal record or a teen pregnancy. The U.S. Department of Education has identified the WATCH D.O.G.S. ® program as an effective way to increase male involvement in our nation’s schools.

Students gain a positive male role model. Some students do not have a father-figure present in their home and the number of male teachers has been steadily declining in recent years. More positive male role models are needed in the school setting.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the WATCH D.O.G.S.® program call 1-888-540-3647,e-mail watchdogs@fathers.com or visit www.fathers.com/watchdogs.

Contact Elida Elementary Social Worker Allison Jones ajones@elida.k12.oh.us or call 419-331-7901 for more info.