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Activate Allen County partners with Webb Insurance Agency, Inc.

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Courtesy Activate Allen County

Webb Insurance started their Wellness Plan over 10 years ago. They started out small, with a few challenges that involved eating healthier and exercising more. To keep employees invested and motivated, Webb offered a small prize at the end of the challenges to incentivize employees to join them. The employees responded well to these challenges. In 2006, Webb started replacing the candy bars with healthier snack options. Melissa Marshall, an employee at Webb stated; “We only charged $.45 for snacks and $.25 for fruit, rather than the $.50 that was charged for a candy bar. We still maintain this healthy snack table and give employees plenty of options to choose from. We recognize that this costs us some money each year, but feel the payback is well worth it.”

More recently, Webb has used local groups, like Activate Allen County and WCORHA to help continue to reach wellness goals and expand the program. Marshall explains; “These groups have been great with providing us with knowledge, doing assessments, giving us new ideas and helping us reach our wellness goals. We have also borrowed wellness ideas from other companies and searched online for additional wellness ideas.”

With the help of WCORHA, Webb now has quarterly challenges, quarterly ‘lunch and learns’ and annual Biometric Screenings. They also provide all employees with a Fitbit. With assistance from Activate Allen County, wellness policies concerning healthy eating, as well as breastfeeding, have been updated and expanded. Marshall continues; “I believe for a small company; we do a lot for our employees in the area of wellness. Our Wellness Committee feels that the wellness programs are important in keeping our employees around and healthy for a long time. Although change is never easy, we feel it is worth it. We did have some kick-back in the beginning, but it gets easier every time you implement something new.”
Marshall also provided some tips to getting started in making your workplace healthier. This includes starting small, getting feedback and ideas from employees and not letting early struggles or negative employees stop you from promoting wellness. Marshall states; “If you continue to push through the struggles, you will all be healthier and happier. Finally, don’t be afraid to spend some money on your wellness plan. You don’t want to have someone get diabetes, which could’ve been possibly prevented if you had only educated them.”

We congratulate Webb Insurance on their success in wellness and also their partnership with Activate Allen County. If you or your workplace would like more information about workplace wellness, please contact the Activate Allen County office at 419-221-5035.