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Activate Allen County partners with Ohio State Lima

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Activate Allen County in Lima Ohio

Community partner success story: Ohio State – supporting tobacco free living

Courtesy Activate Allen County

January is the time of year Americans traditionally vow to make healthier choices, and by February many people are still striving to be healthier. Two years ago on January 1, 2014, The Ohio State University at Lima made just such a resolution when the campus went tobacco free, proclaiming “Our campus just got healthier” and “No butts about it, Buckeyes are tobacco free.”

“The health and wellness of our students, staff and faculty, and visitors to our campus are an ongoing priority for Ohio State Lima. We are committed to building a healthy campus community,” said Ohio State Lima’s Dean and Director Charlene Gilbert. “Tobacco use is one of the leading preventable health risks worldwide and helping our employees and students avoid tobacco use is one thing we can do to improve all of our health outcomes.”

College is a critical time in young adult development during which many lifestyle habits are formed. By implementing a tobacco free campus policy, Ohio State hopes to promote sustained healthy behavior among students.

A variety of smoking cessation programs and resources are provided for employees and students who wish to completely kick the tobacco habit. Ongoing education and incentives are also available to employees through Ohio State’s employee wellness initiatives.

The Ohio State comprehensive policy bans the use of tobacco-derived or containing products, including chew and e-cigs, on any Ohio State owned, operated and leased property. The university will not advertise or allow tobacco to be sold. The tobacco free policy applies to all of Ohio State’s campuses and facilities throughout the state. Ohio State Lima’s co-located institution, Rhodes State College, went tobacco free at the same time.

Thank you Ohio State for being a community success story!

For additional information about The Ohio State’s Tobacco Free Policy visit tobaccofree.osu.edu.