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Activate Allen County partners with Anytime Lima

Activate Allen County in Lima Ohio

Courtesy Activate Allen County

In 2015, Anytime Fitness and Activate Allen County partnered to create a tobacco free campus policy for the facility. As a fitness facility in Lima, this partnership was a no-brainer according to Alexa Miller of Anytime Fitness. “We here at Anytime Fitness believe that living a healthy lifestyle not only means having a consistent exercise regimen and eating healthy, but also managing stress properly and remaining tobacco free.”

To begin the process of putting a tobacco free policy in place, surveys were done with members at Anytime Fitness to gauge their feelings concerning a tobacco free campus policy. With a large majority of members responding positively, policy plans moved forward. Employee or member surveys are a great way to start the process of moving towards a tobacco free campus. This allows voices to be heard, avoiding making members or employees feel blind-sided by the change. Once the surveys were completed, language was drafted and the new policy was implemented at Anytime Fitness. New signage was also put in place to reflect this policy.

Anytime Fitness continues to promote this policy by offering multiple tobacco cessation classes at the gym to help anyone who is having a hard time quitting. According to Miller, both the staff at Anytime and the members have responded well to their tobacco free campus policy.

Thanks to the effort of Anytime Fitness and other workplaces and businesses who are putting health and wellness first, Allen County is continuing to see improvements in these areas. We appreciate the partnership of Anytime Fitness and if you or your workplace would like more information about workplace wellness, please contact the Activate Allen County office at 419-221-5035