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A letter to the419 readers and the community

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the419 Lens is intended to add to the community conversation with a focus of shining a light to the frequent positive news and events we celebrate here which, often do not receive the recognition and celebration they deserve.

We have often heard the saying that a community and its image are viewed from the outside through its face of its local media. While we believe the local media strives to inform the community of issues and news, we would also like to have a voice in the conversation regarding events and issues viewed from our perspective, as a local community news source. While we remain a start-up operation just 19 months young, with no guarantee of continuing as a community voice without the financial support, we have been privileged to have developed a loyal group of readers numbering some 30,000 monthly visitors.

the419 believes two recent community events while covered in the local media, deserve additional coverage and recognition: Makerfest 2015 and Rhodes State College Career Day, both held at the end of 2015. We at the419 were privileged to participate in both events and came away really inspired about our community, its future and our youth. During both events you could be a witness to the many young people in the community with ambition, curiosity and the interest to grow.

This was the first Lima/ Allen County Makerfest 2015 held at the Civic Center. Makerfest experienced almost 1,200 high school students attending from 22 educational institutions to include 11 high schools, 6 career technical schools and 5 colleges & universities. With the community volunteers, teachers, college students and professors along with sponsors and adult job seekers, there were over 2,000 attending over the two day event. This is just another example of when this community comes together striving to make it a better place to live and work it makes a positive difference.

Makerfest was presented by the Allen Economic Development Group, Ohio Means Jobs/Allen County and the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce. There were numerous sponsors, companies and institutions from around the county who dedicated their time and financial resources to make this event a success. What is even better news is this event is already scheduled to be Makerfest 2016 in October. One of the event flyer tag -lines stuck with me: “We are a maker community, that is Real American Strength.”

The second event we wanted to recognize is Rhodes State College Career Day now in its 12th year where multiple volunteers from different disciplines are invited to speak and present different career opportunities. It was another example of our outstanding youth community visiting Rhodes State College campus with the opportunity to attend three pre selected sessions giving them an insight to careers ranging from finance to journalism and communications. We want to offer a tip of the hat and thank you to Rhodes State College President, Debra McCurdy and her outstanding staff who moved in excess of 60 bus loads of near 2,000 students from 39 high schools with clock like precision. One only had to witness this event to be impressed at the logistics and organization of the day with students being exposed to the growing campus. Thank you Rhodes State College!


Stephen C. Johnson publisher / the419